Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daily report: July 1st-2nd 2013

Monday, July 1st:
  • Mainly a bunch of UI tweaks. This took a while. The new fonts are much cleaner looking, and some icon alignment issues are fixed. Also included the aero version of tag.png.
  • Fixed a few bugs relating to key events.
Tuesday, July 2nd:
  •  Looked at the implementation of the LIST command on IRC to get some idea of what kind of data I would have to process for MUCs in Awesometab.
  • Moved all of the data management code from awesometab.xml to a new service (ConvStatsService) that will in the future manage contact statistics and sorting for Awesometabs.
  • Learned quite a bit about services and interfaces (particularly about writing IDL files!) on the way.
  • The buddy list tab now uses the service and is fully functional.

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