Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daily report: July 23rd 2013

I've mostly been working on adding functionality to get lists of chat rooms for accounts while the patch for bug 2055 awaits review - in particular IRC's LIST. Here's a progress report:
  • Added the necessary additions to imIAccount.idl (an interface that represents chat rooms, and a method in prplIAccount that returns a list of rooms).
  • Added implementations for these additions in jsProtoHelper.
  • Consumers can now ask IRC accounts for LIST data, which will be returned asynchronously via a callback.
  • Created an implementation of PossibleConversation - PossibleChat - to use with these chat rooms. These are now filtered and returned in getFilteredConvs, along with contacts. New conversation tabs can use these to create list elements and open conversations.
  • Proper data management for the chat room lists that stats service receives.
  • Performance improvements, which will likely be helped by:
  • Add ability to return list data in batches (Freenode for example has way too many channels to return all of them at once).
  • UI improvements for MUC items.
After this is done I will get to work on the statistics and ranking part of my project, which will likely be the main focus of the second half of the summer.

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