Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekly report: July 22nd 2013

  • Made a lot of modifications to the patch for bug 2055 to address the feedback I got for the first one.
  • There are now multiple instances of PossibleConversation (PossibleContact, ExistingConversation, PossibleChat to come). The contacts are maintained in one list (as of now) and UI convs are injected into it before filtering.
  • Did a lot of refactoring in the newtab binding with clearer naming and future requirements in mind.
  • Existing conversations (both already in a tab and on hold) are now displayed in newtabs.
  • Fixed a few follow up bugs (bugs 2041, 2045, 2047, 2063).
This week's plan is to get started on the ranking system. First goal is to have LIST working from IRC, then storing the data in JSON (as of now, but I'm keeping the IndexedDB option open).

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