Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly report: July 16th, 2013

The past week:
  • The buddy list tab is merged
  • Quite a few changes were done in order to address more review comments Florian before the merge.
  • Lots of followup bugs have been filed (bugs 2041, 2043-9). I have WIPs for most of them, and patches submitted for a few.
  • Did research on the account interfaces for adding methods to return MUC lists (and a bit of experimental code - I was able to open IRC channels from awesometab)
To-do next week:
  • Display conversations on hold in awesometab.
  • Add the new function(s) in the account interface to get MUC lists.
  • Implement this in particular for IRC LIST.
  • Display IRC channels in awesometab.
  • Also while doing this, address followup bugs to bug 2015 (including the ones mentioned above)

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