Saturday, June 29, 2013

Daily report: June 28th 2013

  • Fixed some bugs related to observer notifications and the updateContact method.
  • Updated my Pastebinner addon to allow the user to set a default language for pastes, and also detect diffs (startsWith("diff") ;) ). Nominated it to be public, and aleth approved the request.
  • While doing that, found a bug - Services.cmd.unregisterCommand wasn't working. Filed it and aleth (after "half an hour of debugging"!) found the problem that was right under our noses.
  • I went through the code and did a sort of self review - fixed some nits, added comments, did some general clean up. Found a couple of minor bugs and fixed them.
  • Incorporated Mic's icon and Firefox's tag icon.
  • Finally uploaded the new patch for review.

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