Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Daily report: June 3rd 2013

I forgot to write up yesterday's report, so this post will cover what I've done the past two days.
  • I decided to scrap the idea of having a generic tab to be extended, since tabbrowser-tab has very little conversation-specific code anyway. Now, tabs themselves are fully transparent and there is no need for them to be extended.
  • The conversation binding now extends tabPanel - a generic panel to be added to tabbrowser. Future UIs that want to open in a tab should also extend tabPanel.
  • I moved conversation specific menuitems from tabbrowser to the conversation binding. These are now "injected" into the context menu when it is shown.
  • Code for the above has been pushed (except for the last bit which is awaiting review) to my repo.
  • Aside from this, I worked on an addon - Pastebinner - which pushes any message more than 10 lines long to a pastebin and sends the link as a message. It also adds a "/paste" command using which files can be pastebin'd and sent. I suspect this will be useful throughout GSoC.

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