Thursday, June 6, 2013

Daily report: June 5th 2013

My tabbrowser work has now reached a stage where a tab linked to an arbitrary panel can be added to a conversation window, moved around, etc with almost no errors. Context menus and nearly everything else also work fine. I only ran into one pesky error with the zoom manager, caused when the tab is opened in a new window - this.mCurrentBrowser is undefined because the tab doesn't have one. Debugging that will be a job for tomorrow!

The code has been pushed to the awesometab-experimental branch on my repo. Also I was a bit bored and recorded a demonstration video - here.

Meanwhile, I got default prefs working with my Pastebinner add-on thanks to the good folks at #instantbird.

- Fix the bug mentioned above.
- A lot of cleanup has to be done so that the code is worthy of a check-in.
- Mic suggested I start collecting data to test my sorting algorithm later on - I want to write an add-on for this.
- I need to submit my add-ons to AIO.

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