Saturday, June 1, 2013

Daily report: May 31st 2013

Today I experimented with the abstraction code, ending up with more breakage than functionality.
  • I worked on replacing linkedConversation with linkedPanel, since linkedConversation is mostly used in a way that doesn't depend on it actually being a conversation.
  • I moved the tab context menu code to the tabbrowser-tab binding. This worked, but didn't yield very good results. Tab images got a bit broken and there were some mouse event issues.  I decided to move it back to tabbrowser, with the idea that generic tabs which wanted to implement their own context menus could do so by setting unsetting mousethrough="always" - this would show the tab's particular context menu rather than tabbrowser's.
  • I added in a aTabClassName parameter to addGenericTab to allow tab classes other than tabbrowser-tab.
Progress was slow again because I had to decipher a lot of vague/complicated code (e.g. and wasn't able to open DOM Inspector until Mook_as mentioned the -inspector command line flag (thanks!).

To-do: make tabbrowser-tab easily extendable and further work on tabtest.xml to be a full proof-of-concept for adding non-conversation tabs.

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