Friday, May 31, 2013

Daily report: May 30th 2013

With help from #instantbird, I was able to fix yesterday's bug where Mic was able to open an arbitrary UI in a tab but I wasn't (with the same code). I had to add the newly created tabtest.xml and tabtest.css to Then everything worked and I was able to open the test UI, the add-on interface, the account manager, etc. in a tab (screenshot). Of course, it was still pretty broken and there were a load of errors from different methods assuming that the tab held a conversation.
  • Mic had a much better way of generating new tabs: create a new command ("/newtab") instead of clicking the buddy list (new bootstrap.js).
  • I did some research into how best to eliminate the errors and add abstraction. The discussion included moving some of the code in tabbrowser to the tabs themselves.
  • I somehow broke my local tree and decided to do a fresh clone.
Today was slow but I hope to make more progress tomorrow.

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