Thursday, May 30, 2013

Daily report: May 29th 2013

Today GSoC really started to kick in. I started a repo for the project here. As Mic suggested, I started working on getting the tabbrowser to accept tabs that aren't linked to conversations.
  • As a start, I made a clone of the _addConversation method in tabbrowser.xml, and made some changes to let it add non-conversation content. Here's a diff of _addConversation and addGenericTab with Mic's comments.
  • I then created tabtest.xml and tabtest.css (for binding) in order to test it out.
  • I created a small add-on (bootstrap.js) to add a new tab with the contents of tabtest.xml when the buddy list is clicked. I couldn't get it to work however.
  • Mic got it to work from the error console using the same code, but we couldn't figure out what was wrong on my end and decided to debug further tomorrow.

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