Friday, September 6, 2013

Progress report: September 6th

This post has been long overdue. Here's the major progress over the last couple weeks:
  • Bug 2066 is merged! Awesometab now queries accounts for chat room lists and displays them (only implemented for IRC, you'll have to flip the chat.irc.allowList preference to true in about:config).
  • Bug 2143 - Ranking and stats are working and have had a couple of review cycles. We decided that efficient and intelligent searching/filtering is a requirement and also that the log sweeping code could be reused for log indexing. Based on all this the IndexedDB has been dropped from this bug in favor of a simple JSON cache for now.
First thing I'll be doing next is optimizing the chat room code from bug 2066 to eliminate UI lag while receiving chat rooms. After that, the priority will be landing bug 2143. Things will likely get slow after that while I have my first test cycle, but once that's over (or possibly before, if 2143 lands quickly) I'll be looking at optimization and better searching (implement a proper database, indexing, etc).


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