Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weekly report: August 21st 2013

During the last 7 days, I didn't quite get around to everything I wanted to do (which wasn't helped by 4 of the days being holidays) but there was progress.
  • Bug 2066 (chat rooms and IRC's LIST) is finally r+.
  • I experimented more with frecency scores ("frecency" is inspired by Firefox's Places Frecency algorithm)
  • After a bit of experimenting, I finally decided to stop messing around and get some actual data to play with from logs.
  • Using Florian's WIP from bug 1584, I put together an addon that goes through logs and obtains information on recency (date of most recent log file) and frequency (number of messages exchanged, with separate counters for incoming and outgoing)
  • Playing with the algorithm for a while, I finally ended up with the following:
    • Score = Total message count * frequency multiplier * recency multiplier
    • Here, frequency multiplier is the ratio of outgoing to incoming message counts, and recency multiplier is identical to what Firefox uses.
    • This gave me pretty accurate results, the conversations with the highest scores were definitely what I would most likely want to open if I pressed Command+T :)
Tomorrow I will be working to integrate this into the stats service and use these scores to sort conversations in the newtab.

I again notice that my work over a week seems to be concentrated over one or two days, during which I spend 10-15 hours each day on a kind of frenzy. Meh.

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